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Maizels-Esptein and Associates has been in business for over 70 years, helping manufacturer’s place their products in the hands of people who want to purchase. We work with a diverse group of retailers and E-Commerce sites which allow us to put our partners’ products in places where consumers will easily find them. Our 2 divisions, E-Commerce and Brick and Mortar, work symbiotically to strategically grow our partners’ business.

E-Commerce/Amazon Optimization

Our E-commerce team are experts at maximizing our partners’ product potential on Amazon and other E-Commerce sites. Just like Google, Amazon and other sites are search engines with SEO (Organic/free) and SEM(Paid) methods and tricks that will make your products more visible to consumers who are searching.


We are a full-service Marketing and Manufacturers’ Representative Agency dedicated to helping our partners. Our wide range of services allow our clients to manage their product life cycles to maximize their sales potential.


Building Trust

We offer over 100 years of experience working with retail and E-commerce buyers. This, along with 10 years of experience buying for Fred Meyer/Kroger has helped us develop trusted relationships with decision makers who place products where consumers have needs and wants.

Mission Statement

Experienced, committed, knowledgeable, friendly

Our Mission is to provide the best sales and consulting services to our manufacturer and retail partners.
We value hard work and dedication to meet our manufacturers' goals.